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Authentic Italian, sustainably sourced, honestly crafted

Coffee + Roastery

From crop to cup, we want to give you the finest coffee from around the world, honouring the farmers who grew it.

Coffee Please

Cafe + Restaurant

We craft honest, delicious Italian food from the finest ingredients onto your plate keeping true to our Roman roots.

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Our coffee: sourced, sustainable & Ethical. It’s important to us!

When you sip our coffee, you’ll also be helping farmers on the other side of the world. We ensure every cup has 100% traceability, embodying our Italian tradition and third wave of coffee lovers like you.

We believe that farmers should earn their fair share which is why we only deal directly with farmers in their regions. This allows us to ensure a better quality product and have the biggest impacts for the farmers that grow the crops.

People should feel connected through their coffee.

Meet Mirko

My passion for the culinary world started back in my childhood watching my parents in their own restaurant in Rome. While in university I discovered my passion for coffee and the process from crop to cup. I think it’s really important to keep up to date with trends and processes within the food and speciality coffee trade industries.

I completed my Specialty Coffee Diploma and became an Authorised Specialty Coffee Trainer in Roasting, Sensory, Green Beans and Brewing. I also completed my Coffee Science Certificate, gaining a better understanding of the science behind coffee.

More recently while travelling to coffee plantations through countries in Southern America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Colombia) and Africa (Burundi), I was humbled by the way the coffee famers live, how hard they work and realised how much we take for granted living in a first world country. Through Lupolab Roasters I want to honour the hard work and dedication they put into every crop and deliver it to the public in Perth through our in-house roastery.

I have been fortunate to grow up with a strong Roman heritage where, still to this day, crafting food from scratch is a tradition passed down through the generations. My aim, through Lupolab, is to deliver the time honoured traditions I have been taught through my family and to create simple but delicious food that is true to my roots. What we want to deliver to the community through Lupolab is transparency, honesty, passion, quality and a guarantee of authentically crafted coffee and food.

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