LupoLab launches Alpha Series

As a specialty coffee roaster, our team knows what it takes to be a leader in the pack. The Alpha is the dominant wolf in the pack, a leader amongst the pack. There is a reason the latest coffee release from Perth coffee roasters Lupo Lab, is named the Alpha Series.

This is a series of superior and rare specialty coffee, with all releases guaranteed to be graded 90 and above in the Specialty Coffee Association grading system.

“This series was created to bring the very best expertise and flavours from around the world to specialty coffee in Perth. It is something we are very proud of,” said Lupo Lab founder and head roaster Mirko Silvestri.

Our team of rosters recently introduced the first two releases from this series, Alpha Ethiopia Kochere and Alpha Geisha Lot Edge.

The Alpha Geisha Lot Edge from Panama has berry-like acidity and velvety body with tropical fruit, floral, and milk chocolate flavours. Taste the tropical fruit, floral, and milk chocolate flavours and savour the delicate and pleasant aftertaste.

Sip the silky body of yellow fruit, floral and dark chocolate flavours of the Alpha Ethiopia Kochere. The acidity of stone fruits and berry, molasses sweetness, and an intense and pleasant aftertaste will delight your senses.

Coincidentally, both use ‘carbonic maceration’ techniques, generally used in winemaking. A process introduced to the coffee world by Sasa Sestic, owner of Project Origin Coffees and 2015 World Barista Champion. By carefully controlling the yeast production and fermentation, aromatic complexity is created, acidity lowered and sweetness increased.

Both are available online or in-store and are a strong start for this very special series. It begs the question, is this series the answer to the dilemma of every Perth coffee lover? Is it the best coffee in Perth?

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