How a smile can affect your cup

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How a smile can affect your cup

Baristas play a crucial role in the coffee chain. He or she is the final person to deliver your coffee to the consumer. Starting in the coffee industry as a barista has always made me feel like an actor on a stage. If the acting is not good, the movie will have a bad review.

You can be the most knowledgeable barista. You can make the perfect extract and an incredible latte art. But will you be good enough to engage your customer? Baristas need to understand which customer is in front of them. Making a joke, talking about their day or just be professional? All of this without forgetting to give them a smile.

The perfect cup is the perfect experience. We will never forget an experience where someone plays a grumpy or cold role. There is no warmer or sweeter cup than a warm and sweet smile. Keep working hard, keep pursuing your passion, and never forget your smile will make a better day to your customer.


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