The Benefits of Informed Roasting

The Benefits of Informed Roasting

We’re in a society where everyone can reach nearly everything. With so much information available on the internet, its hard to discern what exactly is true knowledge and what isn’t. We assume that anyone with determination can learn to cook. If I buy the best meat around the world but burn it, is it still considered the best? Just like cooking, roasting isn’t for everyone. Its not sufficient to buy the best beans, or the buy the best roasting machine, and not have the background knowledge to bring out the best in each of these.

Education is fundamental to roasting. Whether its educating farmers to correctly process their beans, or harvesting the cherry when they’re perfectly ripe; gaining knowledge from first hand experience is the only way to ensure a high quality end product. Our beans have been carefully selected and chosen only after visiting the plantations directly. For example, we love the Bourbon variety because it is sweet and complex in a cup profile.

Learning how and why equipment works is also essential to ensuring you get the best results from your beans. The Genio Roaster was chosen only after roasting on it at the production factory. Whenever you can, ensure you understand each factor along the coffee chain as best as you can, understand your equipment back to front and visit farms where you are sourcing your beans. Having this knowledge will make for a great start even before you start roasting.

As humans, coffee roasters will make mistakes but with this knowledge as your backup, it will give you the foundations needed for the best result. Ensure you have a lab where you can analyse humidity, density of the beans and experiment with different varieties. And don’t forget to cup, cup and cup again!


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