The story of Lupo Lab Roasters began over two decades ago when Mirko Silvestri discovered a love for coffee when working as a Barista in Rome. While immersed in the Italian café tradition, Mirko realised the quality of coffee beans was not to his standard. Working in Australia, he discovered a different approach to coffee that fuelled his ongoing passion for the specialty industry.

His passion or transparency and traceability of coffee grew as he began a journey of completing the Specialty Coffee Diploma and becoming an Authorised Specialty Coffee Trainer in Roasting, Sensory, Green Beans and Brewing. He also completed his Coffee Science Certificate, gaining a better understanding of the science behind coffee. This passion was fuelled further when visiting coffee plantations in Central and South America, where he started nurturing direct relationships with coffee farmers.

Lupo Lab was created to share not only Mirko’s passion for specialty coffee, but also share the stories of the farmers with you. He hopes through these stories of origin will deliver a unique experience to you.

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