lupolab specialty coffee roasters.


Lupo Lab Roasters is a boutique micro-roastery and retailer, based in Perth.
We are committed to sustainably sourcing and sharing exceptional coffee from the best producers around the world.
We are committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and using our business for good.



Our focus is sourcing exceptional quality coffee and getting the best out of it to share with coffee lovers. We pride ourselves in our direct partnerships with all the farmers we source from. We only buy directly from farmers committed to reinvesting their proceeds to social programs for their workers and communities. We believe in the chain of good will.



Our vision is to create long-term relationships with our team, customers, local suppliers and producers at origin. We have a deep respect for the amazing people who nurture and grow coffee, and strive to bring out the very best in our end product.  This is out of respect for every single person that allows us to do what we love. We love sharing the incredible stories of the people behind our coffees.



Our philosophy is based on creating a positive impact through the way we source, the people we work with and how we run our business. By paying a premium above the deplorable C-Market commodity prices, the quality based valuation allows us to impact change to those most vulnerable in the supply chain – origin. We believe in making a positive impact through Lupo Lab, allowing everyone in the value chain to prosper.


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